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Precision pre-weld assembly is now both affordable and available for small to medium fabricators in Australia. A range of sizes and modular design enables the table to fit the work requirement. Add to this a vast array of holding equipment and there is the work platform to meet almost every workshop need. Welding tables start at a very practical personal work surface measuring 90 x 60 cms, with a sturdy double H-frame support and 90cm height. The larger heavy duty types are built over a solid box section chassis with precision mounted 16mm plates forming the table top. There is a choice of height at 90cm, 75cm or 60cm. Fine setting and levelling is achieved with adjustable foot pads.


Steel fabricators

The heavy duty tables come in a range of sizes, starting from a very handy 1000mm x 560mm. The precision drilled holes enable accurate modular joining of tables for larger work platforms. Plates are available as individual pieces for mounting as vertical work surfaces or extending or joining tables. With load capacity up to 2000 kg per table and optional Nitrided (heat-treated) plate surface finish, size and weight of work pieces are not an issue. Aluminium T6 Alloy Tables are a new option particularly suitable for Alloy or Stainless Steel Fabricators.

Welding Equipment

The BuildPro™ Table is one of the best welding accessories and welding aids you can have in the workshop. Rapid, accurate set-up gives a huge boost to productivity. WTA import and distribute the full range of BuildPro welding tables, Clamps and Fixturing. There's a work solution to suit every application - from small specialised manufacture to heavy industrial componentry. Talk to Tony, make use of his years of industry experience to develop a package that works for your particular needs. The BuildPro™ range may be purchased through your usual welding equipment supplier account or direct from WTA (conditions apply). Either way, make sure you get best value by making the right choice on the selection of the BuildPro™ Table & Tool package that best suits your needs.

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Take a look through the website and contact us for a catalogue and quote or arrange a demonstration of any of our range of welding equipment. Call WTA today on 1300 124 422 or use our online contact form.

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