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    We are the latest step in market development for T4I. The company believes there is a real need for improved work practices in metal fabrication. The innovation and industry knowledge embedded in the design of the BuildPro™ Welding Tables deserves the recognition and market support this website delivers.

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    Since introduction to the Australian market in 2010 BuildPro™ Weld Tables have found homes in many diverse industries and companies, including:

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    Nitriding is a protective finish. The nitriding is a heat treatment process involving a mechanical polish and post process salt bath oxidative treatment. The resulting harder surface provides the following benefits: Anti-Spatter, Corrosion Protection, Resistance to wear, Increased lubricity and fatigue strength.

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      BuildPro™ Weld tables are supplied with short “travel” legs fitted to enable a forklift to be used for loading/unloading and fitting the standard BuildPro™ Legs. Other types of lifting devices may be used, such as chain blocks and cranes. However extreme care should be taken to ensure that whatever lifting method is used that both the lifting device and the means of attachment to the table, such as slings and the like, are adequate for purpose, not suffering any damage that may impair their correct operation and are within the specified safe working capacity.

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