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Safety Notes

BuildpPro™ Tables and Fixturing Tools are intended to provide a metal fabrication work platform that will provide cost saving efficiency for many years. However there is considerable weight in the tables and welding aids and due care must be taken from the moment of delivery.

Table Pallet unload should be carried out by a forklift operated by a licensed driver. If other lifting devices are to be used all care should be taken to ensure that the lifting is correctly rigged and lifting attachment means such as slings are adequate for purpose. Pallet travel legs are removed while pallet is suspended and full length legs fitted. Care should be taken to ensure that no person is under the table while the legs are fitted. Legs have a cross hole for tightening with a short bar before the pallet is lowered into position. Once on a level solid surface the tables can be moved by use of a trolley jack or similar with a solid frame or suitable packing to lift the table just clear of floor surface before rolling to position.

Individual Table Plates weigh 18kg each. Care should be taken when moving to avoid injury to fingers or any part of the body that could be pinched while lifting and lowering plates.

Table load capacities are specified in the BuildPro™ 2012 Metric Catalogue. Please refer to this data when considering set up on large or heavy work. Care should also be taken when moving heavy work around on table.

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