FixturePoint Table (Round and Square Kit)

Affordable, Easy-to-Use, FixturePoint Clamping System

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Product Description

Convenient 90cm x 60cm size personal workspace, essential workshop asset


  • Rigidity and flatness assured with full welded sub frame (TB Series)
  • 4mm plate top is surface ground after fabrication (TB Series)
  • 30 Kg weight permits movement around workshop or on site
  • Accurate 50mm grid spacing and 16mm diameter holes enables rapid fixture setup
  • Use on benchtop or on leg frame included for 86cm height
  • Choose a Round or Square Fixture Kit that suits your use:-
Part No. Cat. No# Table & Legs Kit Type Inserta Clamp Magn Rest Posn Stop Inserts Stp Stop Bar Thread Adpt V-Block V-Spacer Weight (KG)
VTBH90604 TBH90604 1 No Kit / / / / / / / / 30.0
VTBHMK100 TBHMK100 1 Square 4 8 4 4 4 4 / / 36.5
VTBHMK200 TBHMK200 1 Round 4 / / / 4 4 8 4 35.0

There is some good news for all the professional welders out there! If you have been finding it difficult to be precise and consistent in producing fixtures and your clients have complaints regarding the projects you do, then FixturePoint tables are the best choice to make. FixturePoint tables are especially designed to make your work easier and save your time, which you spend, measuring all those angles precisely and worry how to clamp the fixtures before welding so that they stay in place.

The FixturePoint tables are ideal for making 2D frames. If you have FixturePoint tables then you can start your projects right away with comfort and ease and improved worked quality.

The FixturePoint table measures 90” by 60” with 16 mm holes in a grid pattern, which measure 2” by 2”. The 16mm holes are designed in such a way that FixturePoint clamps and modular fixturing components can be inserted at any point on the top of table, providing flexibility to set up all sorts of fixtures. This provides consistency in your work if you are producing in bulk or similar fixtures are to be used in one big project.

We offer two Modular Fixturing Kits, which include the table, clamps, and other components required for setting up fixtures, you can choose from square or round frames, as per your work requirement. The FixturePoint table comes with all the necessary accessories, which will help you to locate, stop, position and clamp the fixtures for welding, increasing precision of every piece you have to produce.

You have the choice to use the FixturePoint tabletop by placing it on some other surface, which suits you more and is more comfortable. Alternatively, you can use it with the stand, included in the kit, which is up to 86cm in height and is considered to be ideal as at this height anyone can work easily with all sorts of projects. This will give you a separate work surface to work with. A set of levelling feet are also included in the kit to provide levelled surface on uneven ground and also provide a firm support to the table.

The whole of the kit weighs about 30 kg, which can be easily handled by one person and can be moved around the work place with ease, but also at the same time it is solid and firm enough to bear the weight of heavy fixtures.

The FixturePoint table is one smart choice for companies, shops, and workshops who want to have an easy-to-use and affordable fixture system. Not only this, it saves a lot of time while clamping the fixtures, which takes hours otherwise. This will increase your work productivity and quality thereby resulting in higher profits.

So what are you waiting for? Order you FixturePoint table from now!


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