360dg BuildPro Clamps – Unique

Unique 360dg swivel, plus up/down action – access & clamp at any point

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Product Description

40mm precision machined steel base on the 360o Slot Clamp


  • Slide base into the 40mm spacing between plates
  • Slide the clamp body across full table width
  • Swivel clamp through 360o to access any point
  • Fits a range of BuildPro accessories
Part No. Cat. No# Throat Depth (A) Clamping Pressure Max. Capacity Rail Size Weight (KG)
VT61405 T61405 120mm 230kg 200mm 22 x 11mm 1.58
VT61510 T61510 120mm 270kg 300mm 25.4 x 11.9mm 2.16
VT61615 T61615 140mm 320kg 500mm 32 x 14mm 3.69


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