Welding Accessories

Freight Information

Delivery Policy and Charges

BuildPro™ Weld tables are supplied with short “travel” legs fitted to enable a forklift to be used for loading/unloading and fitting the standard BuildPro™ Legs. Other types of lifting devices may be used, such as chain blocks and cranes. However extreme care should be taken to ensure that whatever lifting method is used that both the lifting device and the means of attachment to the table, such as slings and the like, are adequate for purpose, not suffering any damage that may impair their correct operation and are within the specified safe working capacity. Where delivery trucks are held waiting to unload charges may be incurred, depending on transport policy. Generally transport firms will not deliver to a residence or out-of-town location (unless it is a regular delivery site such as mine supply). A suitable business address with lifting facilities is the usual unloading requirement. Where a table shipment is unable to be delivered and is returned to the transport depot additional charges may apply.

Freight costs are quoted specific to delivery address and size/weight of packed pallet. This information will be provided ahead of shipment to enable comparison costing. Goods are fully insured in transit where transport is provided by a registered road freight company until point of delivery, excluding any onward movement from that point of delivery.

Small parcel shipment for BuildPro™ clamping tools and welding table accessories is charged as follows:-


    • 1kg Satchel $ 9.90 inc GST
    • 3kg Satchel $12.10 inc GST
    • 5kg Satchel $20.90 inc GST
    • (remote/on forward excluded)
  • Australia wide road charged at cost
  • Parcel Post may also be used as this will deliver to any mailing address without incurring additional charges

WTA will use its experience and resources to secure the best possible freight arrangements. WTA want your BuildPro™ Table and welding accessories to arrive in good condition and ready to go to work.

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