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Tools For Industry (T4I) believes there is a real need for improved work practices in metal fabrication. The innovation and industry knowledge embedded in the design of the BuildPro™ Welding Tables deserves the recognition and market support this website delivers.

Importantly on this website you will find not just information about welding tables but also on work positioners and welding clamps. The BuildPro™ system is all about a new generation of metal fabrication equipment

T4I is well known reseller of engineering and workshop equipment. T4I has built a solid reputation for excellence in the engineering industry. Importing quality BuildPro™ welding tables and fixturing tools is a logical step in broadening the product range offered to the Australian market.

T4I is based in Sydney and has warehouse facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth for delivery throughout Australia. An extensive inventory is held at the warehouse in both tables and fixturing tools, tool kits and individual table clamps.

From metal fabrication equipment through to jigs and fixtures, The T4I sales team has extensive industry experience. T4I knows what benefits a BuildPro™ table can deliver to any metal fabrication process. Rapid jig build, component alignment, repeatable accurate placement, it’s all there to make your work a whole lot easier. And a lot more profitable.

Select the size table and material that best fits your particular requirements. Add an appropriate tool kit as a starter to learn the working basics. With practice you will adopt a whole new way of considering fabrication methods. Our large range of custom tools and accessories in the BuildPro™ range will make the difficult become possible, even easy.

Whatever your metal fabrication equipment needs, from jigs and fixtures to modular table work cells, call us today on 1300 124 422 for a full line catalogue and online price list. We can advise you on exactly the right solution for your working needs.

Thank you for visiting our website. Choosing a BuildPro™ system will change how you work.

Tony Peak
Welding Tables Australia

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