Welding Tables

Welding Tables

FixturePoint Table (Round and Square Kit)

Affordable, Easy-to-Use, FixturePoint Clamping System

BuildPro Half Table

All the BuildPro features in a compact format

BuildPro Welding Table

Dramatically improve productivity and work quality

Nitride Surface BuildPro Welding Table

Dramatically improve productivity and work quality

Alloy BuildPro Welding Table

Dramatically improve productivity and work quality. Aluminium Plates are ideal for the Alloy & Stainless Steel Fabricator

Individual Plate

Steel Plate - for custom work or replacement
Nitride Plate - for custom work or replacement


Machined Leg with heavy duty levelling foot

Table Socket for Legs

Machined solid base & socket to attach extra leg support

Levelling Caster

The BuildPro Table can be both stationary & fully mobile

Brace Set

Leg Braces reinforce and stabilise the BuildPro Table

TIG & MIG Gun Holders

New & Improved Design - ideal for use with BuildPro Tables

Hand Rest Glide Kit

Unique and Very Practical!

BuildPro™ Welding Tables are suited for use in a wide range of metal fabrication applications. In Australia, users range from home and farm workshops to heavy industrial crane and truck building. The bigger versions have a weight bearing capacity of 2000 kg, and they are available in three different heights with adjustment for levelling on heavy duty foot pads. Each is built on a RHS Chassis with the table mounting blocks all milled and drill/tapped after welding to sub frame bearers to ensure absolute level surface and hole accuracy.

Plates are available in oiled steel, nitride steel and alloy graded material. Nitriding is a heat treatment process that leaves the steel with a hardened black surface that resists wear damage and spatter adhesion. The alloy is T6060 machine grade Aluminium anodised gunmetal grey after drilling. Each BuildPro™ plate is drilled with 16mm diameter holes, chamfered both sides and located at exact 50mm intervals. The welding table plates are 16mm thick and 160mm wide x 1000 or 1150 long, secured by eight flush mounted socket bolts per plate. Plates can be removed to allow better access under a job, or can be staggered to increase the width. Additional legs and mounting sockets are available where the outboard section is required to be load bearing.

The Half-Table comprises three plates on a solid same section frame as the larger version, with a work surface 560mm x 1000mm. The BuildPro™ Half Table is ideal for smaller jobs where accuracy is paramount. Access is particularly easy from any side. It can be bench mounted or set on its own legs. Often these smaller area versions are used in conjunction with a larger table to enable long or awkward jobs to be handled safely.

The Mid-Size Table is available in two sizes - 1160 x 1000mm and 1160 x 1150mm in either steel finish (oiled or nitride). The Alloy Table in this size measures 1160 x 900mm. These tables have a load capacity of 1200kg and stand on four legs with levelling feet.

The Large Table is available in two sizes - 1960 x 1000mm and 1960 x 1150mm in either the oiled or nitride steel finish. The Alloy Table in this longer length measures 1960 x 900mm. These tables have a load capacity of 2000kg and stand on six legs with levelling feet.

All BuildPro™ tables can be connected using joiners to form larger surfaces as required. High quality levelling roller casters are also available to enable mobility on a level hard floor. BuildPro™ offer brace sets to maximise rigidity, especially when casters are in use.

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