Threaded Adaptors – Unique

Metric Threads mount under Table in an instant

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Product Description

Convert any hole in the table into threaded hole


  • Easy installation – Push the Threaded Adaptor in from beneath the plates
  • Magnet(s) help hold threaded adaptor in place
Part No. Cat. No# Description Threaded Holes Magnets Weight (KG)
VTXT6203 TXT6203 2 hole adaptor M8 1 0.11
VTXT6204 TXT6204 2 hole adaptor M10 1 0.11
VTXT6205 TXT6205 2 hole adaptor M12 1 0.11
VTXT6303 TXT6303 3 hole adaptor M8 2 0.26
VTXT6304 TXT6304 3 hole adaptor M10 2 0.26
VTXT6305 TXT6305 3 hole adaptor M12 2 0.26


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