Straight Edge Stops

Precise and positive location with machined stops

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Product Description

Long Slots make these precision machined Straight Edge Stops infinitely adjustable in fixturing applications and squaring up parts


  • Single hole centres are exactly 25mm off the end face of bar to divide the 50mm plate hole grid
  • Use VT65015 Ball Lock Bolts (Accessory to Table) to hold securely on table top
  • Use VT65010 Ball Lock Bolts (Accessory to Accessory – marked by groove around head) to join Straight Stops together or to Right Angle Brackets
Part No. Cat. No# Dimension (mm) Holes Slot Length Weight (KG)
VT60505 T60505 150 x 25 x 12mm 1 92mm 0.17
VT60510 T60510 200 x 25 x 12mm 1 2 x 66mm 0.23
VT60515 T60515 250 x 25 x 12mm 6 91mm 0.30


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