Socket Shoulder Set Screws

Accurate bolt down with precision Set Screws

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Product Description

These precision shoulder screws fit into the table holes and can hold and position BuildPro accessories and other components


  • Provided with a nut and washer
  • Choose from standard and flush-mounted versions
  • Flush Screws are ideal for preserving flat table surface
  • Use Flush Screws for joining tables
Part No. Cat. No# Type (T) Thread Weight (KG)
VT931605 T931605 Standard 12mm M12 0.06
VT931607 T931607 Standard 20mm M12 0.07
VT931608 T931608 Standard 22mm M12 0.07
VT931610 T931610 Standard 25mm M12 0.08
VT931612 T931612 Standard 32mm M12 0.10
VT932607 T932607 Flush 20mm M12 0.04
VT932608 T932608 Flush 22mm M12 0.05
VT932610 T932610 Flush 25mm M12 0.06
VT932612 T932612 Flush 32mm M12 0.08


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