Riser Blocks – Heavy Duty

Precise location in 3rd dimension

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Product Description

These precision machined Riser Blocks, with accurate bored holes, allow you to elevate a workpiece to any desired height


  • Increase the working height or width of the table by mounting the block vertically or horizontally
  • Cross-join the blocks for use as a beam
  • Mount a BuildPro Plate vertical or to the side of the table
  • Use the blocks under the tabletop to join BuildPro Tables together
  • Riser Blocks can be stacked to elevate workpieces as needed in fixturing
Part No. Cat. No# Dimension (mm) Description Weight (KG)
VT60105 T60105 50 x 50 x 150 4 machined surfaces 1.29
VT60110 T60110 50 x 50 x 200 4 machined surfaces 1.63
VT60115 T60115 50 x 50 x 250 4 machined surfaces 1.98
VT60120 T60120 100 x 100 x 100 5 machined surfaces 3.38
VT60125 T60125 100 x 100 x 200 5 machined surfaces 5.67
VT60130 T60130 100 x 100 x 300 5 machined surfaces 7.83


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