D-Stop Bar

Unique and versatile D-Stop Bars with Spring Plungers

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Product Description

D-Stop Bars are “distortion tolerant” allowing easy part removal


  • Full length slots enable bar setting any position
  • Use plunger for quick work hold & removal
  • Round end locates any irregular shapes
  • Made from Anodised Alloy, lightweight and easy to move around
  • Threaded holes allow Toggle Clamp to be fitted
Part No. Cat. No# Dimension (mm) Slot Length Threaded Holes Weight (KG)
VT50615 T50615 98 x 25 x 12.7 70mm 2 x M4 0.04
VT50625 T50625 98 x 25 x 25 70mm 2 x M4 0.07
VT50635 T50635 157 x 32 x 12.7 117mm 2 x M5 0.10
VT50645 T50645 157 x 32 x 25 117mm 2 x M5 0.18


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